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Welcome to! is an online collection of information, photos, stories, dealer’s brochures, ads and everything else jeep related that I’m placing online for anyone’s use and reference. Please remember these are not for commercial use and if you link to them or use these in your research, please credit me or the appropriate owner.

This site is for all of the lovers of the rusty, shiny, stock, modified, show queens, daily drivers, rust buckets or museum pieces as long as it is an old jeep! From history, technical info, restoration or just plain curiosity, if its an old jeep, this is the site for you!

Please email me at or contact me via the forum with any suggestions and/or submissions. This site can grow with your help! I’m looking for vintage photos of old jeeps from the military prototypes, the military standardizations, Willys, Bantam, Ford (GP and GPWs), Kaiser and AMC era jeeps, but not modern photos of your old jeeps. Though you can always submit pictures of your old jeeps at the forum. If you submit anything please include your name or screen name or any other way that you would like to be credited as well as as much information as you can or would like included such as the jeep model, its year, any person(s) in the photo, location, the year taken, year of publication if its a brochure, etc. and whether it’s from a photograph or slide. Also anything written on the back of it often helps date it and uncovers context and hidden details. Thank you and please check back soon as I’m adding more everyday! Click on the What’s New at logo below to find the newest additions to the site.

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